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Your Ultimate Duvet Guide

When it comes to finding the perfect duvet for the perfect sleep there are some key considerations. Filling material and tog warmth are key in your selection. The first choice will be around the filling for your duvet. Duvets can be filled with natural or synthetic fillings.

Natural Filling

Natural Filling

Natural fillings can be feather, down or wool.

All natural fillings are thermoregulating and great insulators which makes them lighter but warmer. They also fill the air gaps under the duvet better as they settle within the duvet outer layer.

Down and feather can come from Duck or Goose with goose feather and down having larger down clusters as they are a larger bird than the duck. Goose therefore provides the best warmth to weight ration when compared to other natural fillings.

The percentage ratio of Down and Feather will give an indication of the weight of the duvet. High percentage feather duvets will be heavier than those duvets with a higher percentage of the lighter down filling. So if you prefer a lighter weight duvet without sacrificing on warmth, you may prefer a higher percentage of down. Feather and down duvets can be goose, duck or a combination of both.

Wool filled duvets are again naturally thermoregulating and lightweight while having great warmth properties. Wool is naturally anti dust mite and aids with good night’s sleep in summer and winter.

When sharing a bed, the thermoregulating properties of natural fill duvets can prove advantageous as it lets warm sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm. The natural properties of the filling keep you and your partner at the right temperature allowing for a pleasant comfortable sleep.

Top Tip: Fearful of feathers poking through the duvet or of an itchy wool feeling? Our luxury duvets have high thread count 100% cotton covers to keep the feathers and wool away from sensitive skin.

Natural fill duvets generally have a high thread count cotton down or wool proof covering which aid the breathability of the natural fibres and keep the feathers, down and wool encapsulated and away from direct contact with skin.

When using a natural fill duvet it is recommended that you use a fully breathable duvet cover in 100% cotton to benefit from the breathable thermoregulating nature of the natural filling.

Most duvets are box sewn in a box construction to allow the filling be evenly distributed throughout and maintain warmth evenly.

Why choose Natural Filling Duvets?

• Light weight with great warmth.
• Fills the airgaps when you sleep to keep you cosy under your duvet (especially with down filled)
• A naturally breathable material that is naturally thermoregulating allowing you remain at a comfortable temperature while you sleep.
• Luxury feel and an investment that will last for years with proper care

Synthetic Duvets

Synthetic Duvets

Synthetic fill duvets are filled with either Hollow fibre or Microfibre, they are usually a lower price point and are easier to wash and dry at home. This makes them an ideal solution for families with children who may need to wash their duvets regularly. They are also anti –allergenic making them a great choice for those allergic to natural fibres.

Hollowfibre is a synthetic, man-made material, consisting of hollow strands which trap air, and create warmth. Hollowfibre duvets are anti-allergenic, and can easily be machine-washed and dried, making them a practical choice for families.

Microfibre is a synthetic material, which offers down-like softness. This material is durable and anti-allergenic and can be machine-washed and tumble dried. You can have the luxury feel similar to down with the convenience of easy laundering.

Why choose Synthetic Filling Duvets?

• Anti-allergenic
• Anti-dust mite
• Machine wash and tumble dry
• Vegan • New Down-like fillings for luxurious night’s sleep

What size duvet should I get?

Generally you would select the duvets size that corresponds with you mattress size as these are sized to fit at slightly larger than the mattress.

Size Guide Width (cm) Length (cm)
Double 200 200
King 225 220
Super King 260 230

Top Tip: Find sharing your duvet a nightly ‘tug of war’? Opt for a duvet one size larger than your bed frame for more coverage and a sweet harmonious sleep. Result!

Tog Value

Tog Value

This refers to the warmth offered by the duvet – the higher the tog value, the warmer the duvet. The ‘tog’ is a unit of heat retained by the duvet, and this value varies according to not only how thick the duvet is, but what material has been used as a filling, as natural materials tend to serve as more effective insulators and will be lighter in weight.

A tog value of 4.5 is the lightest, and makes for the perfect summer duvet, as well as the ideal choice for those who get hot easily when they sleep. A medium tog value is around 10.5, and these are generally considered to be spring or autumn duvets, however depending on climate and central heating, they can be used all year round. The highest tog value is 15, with most agreeing that 13.5 is the ideal value for a cosy, winter duvet.

An All Seasons duvet is a combination of a 4.5 tog summer duvet and a transitional 9 tog duvet. These button together so that in winter you can have the added comfort of a 13.5 tog duvet.

We stock a variety of tog values, to keep you happy all year round, and to suit your personal preference.

Caring for your Duvet

Caring for your Duvet

Natural filling duvets do not need very frequent laundering, as this can cause damage. Using a Duvet cover that can be washed as required can protect your natural fill duvet. Professional cleaning is recommended in many cases however some brands are washable, please check the care instructions on labelling.

When using a natural fill duvet it is recommended that you use a fully breathable duvet cover in 100% cotton to benefit from the breathable thermoregulating nature of the natural filling.

Synthetic filling duvets are easily washed and dried at home, dependent on your washing machine capacity. Again, Duvets covers will keep you duvet clean and limit the need for laundering. Please check the care instructions on labelling.

Top Tip: Synthetic fill duvets are easily machine washable making them perfect for kids little accidents and for pets who like to share the bed.

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