From the five ingredients no kitchen should be without to the secret to cooking like a pro, we sit down with acclaimed chef Mark Moriarty to discuss all things tasty.

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of dining at one of his many residencies in some of Ireland’s top restaurants or you’ve seen his hit RTÉ show, Beyond the Menu - Mark Moriarty is a face and name you’re sure to recognise. Moriarty began what was to be an illustrious career when he became a chef at the Chart House Restaurant in Dingle, Co Kerry at just fifteen years old. Since then, he has gone on to achieve such accolades as San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 as well as being featured on the Forbes 30 Under list in 2017. He has worked in some of the greatest restaurants in the world including Dublin’s own two-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Greenhouse. And only recently, Moriarty has delved into the world of television presenting with the hit RTÉ1 show, Beyond the Menu which showcases culinary talent across Ireland.

So who better to join in The Kitchen? Having recently hosted a cooking demonstration in-store with Arnotts, we caught up with Mark Moriarty to find out his kitchen favourites.


Q: If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A: “Probably my mother's chicken and broccoli bake with a baked potato covered in butter and Crème Fraîche. It’s pure comfort food and brings back lots of good memories.”

Q: What five ingredients do you always keep in your kitchen?

A: “Parmesan cheese, stockpots, parsley, lemons and good olive oil.”

Q: What is your default dinner after a busy week?

A: “Sunday is usually my day to cook, and it's usually something pasta related. Pasta is always quick to make, tasty, comforting and something that doesn’t result in too much washing up. I’d be a fan of a classic carbonara with loads of black pepper.”

Mark Moriarty Event

Q: What is your favourite item in your kitchen?

A: “At the moment it’s my high-intensity blender, I’ve been using it to make curry pastes, pasta sauces and even to blend onion and garlic when I’m too lazy to chop them!”

Q: What’s the secret to cooking at home like a professional chef?

A: “Having good quality equipment is very important for cooking at home, and let's face it: the equipment is key to the design of a home kitchen. I have had the same pots for over 10 years and take great care with them. My pans, however, I update those regularly.

Q: How often should you be replacing your pots and pans?

A: “Pots will last a lifetime if you look after them, non-stick pans have a shorter lifespan. When the seal on a nonstick pan begins to fray you know it’s time to replace them. There is nothing more frustrating than something sticking to an old pan.

Q: When it comes to cookware, is it quality or quantity?

A: “I’ll be honest, you don’t need a massive amount of equipment at home. I invest in a small number of quality pieces that multi-task across the kitchen. Once you look after them they should last for years.”

Mark Moriarty Event
Live In-Store: Mark demonstrates how to prepare the ultimate Sunday feast.

For authentic Italian dishes and a menu inspired by Mark Moriarty's recipes, visit The Kitchen on the
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Q: What’s the one piece of cookware you can’t cook without?

A: “I am a massive fan of the Le Creuset range. I have a shallow and a deeper pot at home and I expect to still be using the same ones when I am 60.”

Q: What’s the best dish you’ve ever cooked?

A: “Easy question, nothing yet! There are loads of restaurant dishes that come and go. Right now, it is probably a garlic butter stuffed brioche bread that I made during lockdown.”

Mark Moriarty Event
Mark's Kitchen Staples: A shallow and deeper pot from Le Creuset.

Q: What is the best cooking tip/trick you’ve ever been given?

A: “It’s simple: ‘colour equals flavour’.

Q: What are the five items no kitchen should be without?

A: “A quality non stick pan, Le Creuset pot, good coffee machine (for the chef!), quality 7-9 inch chef’s blade and a high quality blender.”

Event imagery by Conor McCabe