Our single, double & king size duvets are made for snuggling. Anti-allergy or feather and down, winter or summer, you’ll find what you need for the perfect night’s sleep amongst our range from Snuggledown, Foxford and more top brands.

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Choosing the right duvet size

In general, you should opt for a duvet that corresponds with the size of your bed. Duvets are made to fit a little large than your mattress, so you’re guaranteed the ultimate in cosiness. Couples who sleep in a double bed may find that the become engaged in a tug of war for the covers at night! In that case it’s best to choose a duvet and cover that fits one size large than your bed – sweet dreams and a restful sleep are sure to result! Our luxurious duvets come in a range of size options from single (ideal for kids bedrooms), all the way up to super king, the largest – and comfiest – size.

Choosing the right duvet tog value

When selecting your duvet, be aware of the tog value. A lighter tog of 4.5 is ideal for the summer months, or for people who get very hot when they sleep. A medium tog value of 10.5 is generally considered to be an autumn or spring duvet, perfect for those in between seasons when you could do with a little extra warmth. The highest tog value is 15, which works for rooms that aren’t very well insulated, but most people agree that a snug winter duvet should be a 13.5 tog.