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You deserve to rest easy every night and the most important thing to get right is your mattress. Mattresses come in different levels of tension: soft, medium and firm, so you can find the ideal one for your sleeping needs. Soft mattresses allow you to sink in more, providing extra comfort and relieving pressure, while firm mattresses are generally better for those who sleep on their back, as they provide a more stable and even surface.

You can also choose from different fillings, including pocket spring, open spring or foam. Pocket spring mattresses provide personalised support so that you experience less disturbance from your partner, open spring mattresses tend to be slightly more affordable and provide extra value for money, while foam and memory foam provides support and moulds to the contours of your body for ultimate comfort.

Discover our mattress buying guide to find the perfect one for you.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers and protectors can protect your mattress from wear and tear, protect you from any potential allergens or add that extra layer of comfort to your mattress. Our mattress toppers are comprised of the softest materials like goose feather and down for that feeling of real luxury.

Mattress protectors come in a range of sizes to fit your bed and they’re available in standard or anti-allergy versions. Opt for Slumerbfleece for a mattress protector which is proven to inhibit dustmites, moulds and bacteria. Kaymed offers a range of mattress protectors which are 100% breathable and all absorb heat when necessary, to keep you cool while you sleep.

Duvet Covers

The bed is the heart of your room, so you need to make sure that it’s dressed to perfection. With options from so many different brands, creating a heavenly sleep space is a piece of cake.

For a classic, hotel-inspired look, we recommend Belledorm, Vantona or Appletree. A plain and simple duvet cover lends a sophisticated style to a bedroom and makes it easy to change up your look with a few scatter cushions or new curtains. For a more vibrant look, take your style cues from Helena Springfield, with bright pops of colour and modern, abstract prints. If you love a classic and traditional bedroom, Dorma’s range of floral printed duvet covers might be perfect for you.


The beauty of a duvet is that it has the ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer – it’s the perfect sleeping companion. Duvets come with different fillings, including goosefeather and down and microfiber. Microfiber duvets provide the warmth without the weight, they’re super light and extremely soft and cosy. Goosefeather and down duvets are a little heavier so they provide that extra bit of warmth and feeling of luxury.

Another factor to consider is the tog value of your duvet. The most popular tog values are 4.5, the perfect summer duvet, 10.5 which is ideal for the in-between seasons and 13.5 – the snuggliest winter duvet you could wish for.

Read our buying guide for help selecting your ideal duvet.


A good pillow is an integral part of your sleep set up. Similarly to duvets, pillows come with different fillings, to provide different kinds of comfort, depending on how you prefer to sleep. A goosefeather and down pillow from Snuggledown is a great option for a luxurious sleep. These pillow balace weight, warmth and softness to create the ultimate environment for perfect relaxation. If you suffer from allergies, we recommend opting for a microfiber pillow. Memory foam is another great option – moulding to the shape of your head and neck, some people find that these provide optimal support.

Dunlopillo offers a number of different pillow options, based on your sleeping preferences. The side sleeper pillow provides firm support to both your head and neck; the front sleeper pillow provides extra breathability and the back sleeper pillow offers medium support, ideal for sleeping facing upwards.