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The CHANEL brand is synonymous with elegance and luxury, allowing you to feel glamorous and gorgeous, no matter the occasion. As beauty products are such an integral part of creating the perfect look, CHANEL pride themselves on creating the very best.

CHANEL makeup, fragrances, and skincare products provide the utmost in luxury beauty, allowing you to choose from exquisite collections and essential accessories to create your classic look. Always on top of the very latest beauty trends, CHANEL’s collections are always glamorous, and of the highest quality. CHANEL makeup allows you to perfect your look for work, holidays, or evenings out, while the skincare range allows you to stay feeling radiant all the time, and fragrances allow your unique personality to shine through.

You can treat yourself to a full CHANEL makeover in the Arnotts Beauty Hall, plus explore the wide range of products, and discover how you can channel your inner Coco Chanel.

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Beauty Hall, Ground Level

+353 1 805 0537