Tax Free Shopping

We offer Premier Tax Free shopping to our visiting customers.

How does it work?

Non-EU residents are entitled to claim VAT back on items purchased in Ireland which are taken home. VAT in Ireland is 23% however the available VAT content for refund is 18.07% from which a small handling fee is deducted by the Refund Agency.

Premier Tax Free Form

When shopping in-store, ask the cashier for a Premier Tax Free form. We will print off your unique form and provide you with a prepaid envelope and information leaflet with instructions on how to make your claim.

How to Claim

You must sign and complete your unique Premier Tax Free form and return it to the Premier Tax Free airport desk or post it to the Premier Tax Free office when you return home.

Customs Stamp

A Customs Stamp is required if your form has a sales value greater than €2,000 which can be obtained at Dublin Airport.

City Cash

City Cash is a special service Premier Tax Free offers which enables non-EU tourists to receive a cash refund before leaving the country. To receive a cash refund in store, you must present the following at the Arnotts Information Point on the Ground Floor:

  1. A completed Premier Tax Free form.
  2. Your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex only, valid for a minimum of 3 months) as a guarantee
  3. Your passport

After receiving a City Cash refund, the goods must be exported and the completed Tax Free form returned to Premier Tax Free within 21 days. If not, then the full VAT amount will be charged to the credit card.

  • You must return your completed form to our Premier Tax Free Airport Desk or Drop Off Box in person when departing
  • Only sales values from €50 - €750 can be processed
  • Maximum cash refund per person for 1 day is €500
  • Maximum cash refund per person for 1 week is €750
  • Maximum cash refund per person in total is €1,000
  • Please be advised that failure to follow the steps above will see the full VAT content recovered from your credit card (Full VAT content is 18.7% of the sales price plus an admin fee)
  • All refunds are subject to customs approval.

High Value Sales (over €2,000)

Please present your form to Customs prior to leaving the country.

A Customs Courtesy phone is located in the Arrivals Hall of both terminals in Dublin Airport.

Customs will need to see your completed tax free form, goods, passport and flight details. Once stamped you can return your form to the Premier Tax Free desk or mail the form to the Premier Tax Free office upon returning home.

If you have any difficulty contacting Customs please proceed to the Premier Tax Free desk where staff will assist you