Give every space a gorgeous fragrance hit and discover its mood-boosting properties with our edit of the best candles for your home - by room and scent.

Gone are the days when candles would go unlit, kept up for a special occasion that never came or used to make mantelpieces and window sills look pretty. In 2022, we’ve finally come to learn just how special candles are for the home. Unlike any other piece of home decor, candles have the unique ability to transform your living space by evoking emotions.

Whether the day’s stresses have left you exhausted, you wish that your bathroom could double up as a soothing spa or you just can’t seem to concentrate in your home office, with the right candle - you can harness the transformative power of fragrance by finding a home scent to boost your mood.

From relaxing home fragrances for the bedroom to uplifting aromas for the office, here are the best scented candles to impress your guests and set the tone at home.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and in turn, should evoke emotions of relaxation, tranquillity and peace. Lavender is an excellent choice as it aids those very feelings. What’s more, lavender has been scientifically proven to help with insomnia and promote quality sleep. Simply light the NEOM Organics London Tranquillity Scented Candle and watch as you instantly destress, relax and fall into a restful slumber.


The fragrance in your living room is very much down to personal taste. Have fun with scents here. Deeper and richer notes can add warmth and atmosphere which guests will appreciate. The Sómas Oakwood and Musk Candle combines notes of two key scents with a hint of cognac creating an irresistible scent guaranteed to bring warmth and ambience to your space.


Balancing fragrance in the kitchen can often be difficult because you want your space to smell fresh and clean without interfering with the aromas in your cooking. The safest option is a citrus-based scent like the La Bougie Sage & Bitter Orange Candle which is bright and fresh, with the added benefit of neutralising unsavoury smells.


Give your bathroom the ultimate spa treatment with relaxing aromas, so that you can come home to a relaxing bathroom environment every day. A scented candle with notes of eucalyptus, bergamot or rosewood will help transform your bathroom into your very own peaceful retreat. Voya is an Irish brand used by some of the top spas in the country making their Cedarwood and Bergamot Scented Candle the perfect choice.


Whether you have a designated room or have created a makeshift home office space in your kitchen, bedroom or living room, boost your productivity levels by creating the right environment with scent. Lemon, in particular, is proven to increase alertness, resulting in higher productivity rates when diffused through an office. Rosemary encourages clear thinking and can even improve memory while peppermint can boost concentration and fight mental fatigue. This Wild Mint Watercress & Thyme Scented Luxury Candle from Rathbornes features sharp and sweet top notes of the three brain-boosting scents.


Your hallway announces what your home is like to your guests so it’s important to have a people-pleasing scent here. This best-selling White Pomegranate candle from Max Benjamin infuses pomegranate with exotic rosebud to reveal a heart of lily and gardenia which brings a fresh scent and feel to the home. Also featuring notes of cassis and vanilla, this candle creates a warm, cosy and comfortable atmosphere.