The Home Event Presents
Curated Spaces
– With Erika and Helena Fox

From NYC to Tralee, fabulous mother and daughter duo; Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Retroflame Erika Fox and Helena Fox of Helena Fox Interiors, joined us to share their top interior tips for styling your space whether big or small.

Erika’s Top Decor Tips

Erika’s Top Decor Tips

How would you describe your interior style?
My interior style is quite minimal. I love neutral tones with accents of colours and touches of gold.

What is your top tip for decorating small spaces?
My top tip for decorating small spaces is to utilise mirrors, shelving and storage wisely. Try and keep it pretty, minimal and clutter free. Create a plan before you began your decorating task and this will help allocate your space more efficiently.

How do you give your apartment character and a personal touch without causing clutter?
A really easy way to give your apartment or home character is to stick to a colour palette. Find a colour scheme that you love and bring it throughout the apartment into different rooms to create a more cohesive space.

Have you any interior projects coming up?
We’ve just moved into our new apartment in Manhattan and I am so excited to decorate it. It’s much brighter than my previous apartment with beautiful wooden floors and large windows in the living area. I can’t wait to start adding personal touches.

What is the best decorating tip your mom has given you?
Less is more and always buy good quality pieces that are versatile that you will fit within trends and that you will have for future homes. Keep it simple, but chic.

Helena’s Interior Inspiration

How would you describe your interior style?
I would describe my interior style as quite clean cut, minimal and bright.

What is your top tip for decorating large spaces?
When decorating a large space it’s important to keep your paint colours warm and mimic these tones with lots of accessories.

Helena’s Interior Inspiration

Since Erika’s move to New York, have you been inspired by the Manhattan style?
The diversity of interior designers in Manhattan have been hugely inspiring when decorating our home in Kerry.

What is your favourite trend at the moment?
I do love seeing what’s out there and keeping up with all the trends however I never stray far from my own classic, simple style.

What are your top tips for decorating your home?
Don't worry too much about trends but instead try and convey your own personality. Keep things cheerful and bright and remember, it should be fun! It is so important to see your home as something you are really proud.

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