Estee Lalonde

Beauty in Bloom

Estee Lalonde beauty expert and author joined us in-store to share her advice and insider knowledge on all things beauty and lifestyle.

Enjoy our highlights video below to discover Estée's favourite beauty products.

Born and raised in snowy Canada, only to find herself splashing around in the puddles in London, Estée Lalonde is a creator, author and podcast host with a global audience of over 3.5million.

Estée has established herself as a highly respected creator in the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, which has led her to become an ambassador for brands such as Lancôme, Adidas and Garnier.

In her book ‘Bloom’, Estée shares how she navigated the journey to adulthood, allowing her to grow into who she is today. In 2017, Estée released her podcast ‘The Heart of It’, in which she explores subjects close to her heart. From makeup to identity, tattoos to strength, Estée’s guests share their personal stories in celebration of all things female. When she’s not making YouTube videos, Estée enjoys sharing her day to day life across her social media platforms.