The Complete Guide To Buying Kids Shoes

Buying children’s shoes is no easy feat and can present many challenges, such as size, comfort and quality. Not only that but that your children will love to wear them too! Here are some of the most important questions when it comes to buying shoes for your children.


The age of your child will be one of the most important factors in choosing the perfect shoe for them, particularly if they are learning to walk or attending pre-school.

For babies, for example, don’t really need shoes until they are starting to learn how to walk. For them, it is recommended to just use socks to protect from the weather or chilly evenings. In fact, it can be easier for babies to learn how to walk without shoes!

For toddlers and pre-schoolers, they will need shoes that will protect them as they explore the environment around them. Light, flexible shoes with durability are perfect for those who have just started walking. Age will also play a factor in whether you will go for laces or for Velcro. A toddler will find it difficult to do up laces so Velcro will be a much easier option for them.

What qualities should a good children’s shoe have?

For children’s shoes, it’s best to pick shoes that are lightweight and have some flexibility to them. You should be able to bend the shoe in your hand without too much effort. Breathable fabrics such as canvas and cloth are perfect to allow their feet to breathe but offer support and flexibility.

Non slip soles are equally important especially for those learning to walk to add extra support.

How to know if the fit is OK?

When trying on shoes, always do so in the afternoon as children’s feet normally swell throughout the day. If the shoes are to be worn with socks, always try them with these to make sure that the feet is OK.

When the child has the shoes on, always check the space between their heel and the back of the shoe. You should be able to fit a baby finger in this space. To check the front, make sure there is a thumb-width space from the longest toe to the front of the shoe.

As children grow so quickly, it is important to do this as regular check in so that shoes do not become too tight or uncomfortable to wear.

Now the only decision left, is which pair which you choose!