Teddy Bear's Picnic

Fuel their imagination and have some fun in your own living room by planning the perfect Teddy Bear's picnic!

Child sitting in the grass with a teddy bear reading a book

Invite Your Favourite Furry Guests

Plush toys which are perfect guests for your teddy bear picnic. Choose your guests carefully and create a circle where all your guests can sit and converse. Share around a piece of cake and sip on a cup of tea with our gorgeous wooden tea set and cake from Le Toy Van. Fancy serving up some edible treats? Why not make some Chocolate Crispy Buns for your guests to enjoy.

Chocolate Crispy Buns Recipe

What you will need:
A big bowl, mini cake cases, a mixing spoon, some cooking chocolate, crispy cereal and an adult to help.

1. Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a pot of hot water on the stove.
2. Carefully mix your favourite crispy cereal and your chocolate together.
3. Using a spoon divide the mix in to your cake cases.
4. Let the cakes cool and enjoy with your favourite toy guests.

Picnic Parade

Create your own marching band with our gorgeous range of wooden instruments from Djeco. Put on your favorite songs and start a parade in your living room. Learn new songs and dance routines whilst having lots of fun! The parade is sure to keep kiddies entertained for hours.

Get Creative

Why not make your own musical instruments? Collect an old drinks bottle and fill with some rice and dried beans. Seal the lid and shake to the beat of the music.

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