Learning with Lego

Playtime is a vital aspect of a child's development. It plays a part in developing their emotional and mental intelligence. Interacting with the appropriate toys and puzzles is crucial in raising healthy, educated and confident children.

Lego, the beloved plastic bricks that have helped form the basis of most adult’s childhood helps to develop a form of non-verbal intelligence that is crucial for achievement in many STEM fields, the ability to visualize three-dimensional objects and the ability imagine and manipulate spatial information in your head. For LEGO newbies, we advise starting with a set that corresponds with your little ones existing interests, whether that’s Disney, animals, cars or dinosaurs. A themed set gives children the satisfaction of interacting with something that they have an established connection with and also includes instructions and structure for kids to complete a project from start to finish.

Many themed sets can cost as little as €10, which means you can test a child’s interest in LEGO without investing a fortune in a full collection. Sets also tend to come with unusual accessories, such as wheels, fangs, minifigures, and food items that a child can reuse with other kits.

If your child is already a major LEGO fan, join other parents from across the country and set daily LEGO challenges, encouraging children to build specific objects like a house or a space rocket. By setting new tasks, children will see their old toys in a new way and be encouraged to think outside the box. Hopefully it will give you a few minutes of peace and quiet, too!