The Beat Is On

If you and your family are spending weeks inside, you may actually reach a point when you're tired of binging on Netflix (we thought this would never happen either!). So what can you do when you finally hit that wall?

Encourage your little one to learn something new that will keep their minds stimulated and will also allow you to spend some quality time together. If you have an empty cereal box and a few rubber brands lying around, you have a readymade guitar! Your children can help you decorate the cereal box with paint and glitter, then you can get to the real music making. No cereal box? Rubber bands can stretch around a shoe box too.

If you are looking for something slightly more sophisticated, but still perfectly suited to youngsters, FAO Schwarz offers an entertaining piano mat that teaches children how to play five different songs with their feet. They can perform classic tunes simply by stepping on the piano keys and can also record their own songs with up to 38 different notes. When a young child plays a musical instrument or even dances, lots of things start happening. The brain starts forming connections that pave the way for learning opportunities such as vocabulary building and math comprehension. Not only that, but music can be fun. So, turn off the TV and indulge in the joy of music to get you and your little one both moving.

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