Your Sofa Questions – Answered!

We’re here to answer your most burning questions as you search for the right sofa for you and your family!

Best Sofa Bed

Which is the best sofa bed?

A sofa bed is ideal for making the most of smaller spaces and being prepared for guests! If you’re looking for a sofa bed for an area where it will be on display - like your living room – make sure you opt for one that’s not only comfortable, but stylish too. We recommend the SITS Lukas Two Seater Sofa Bed. With just three simple moves, you’ll transform this sophisticated sofa into a spacious bed with a real mattress.

Most Comfortable Sofa

Which sofas are the most comfortable?

A luxurious lounger to sink into, or a chaise sofa for putting your feet up – there are lots of comfortable options depending on your taste. The Swell sofa by Normann Copenhagen features extra layers of foam on the back and armrests, plus a layer of super soft foam to ensure optimal comfort. If you can’t keep your eyes open when kicking back in front of the TV, opt for a chaise sofa like the Whitemeadow Bossanova - which features luxurious cushions and a stool section - and is designed for ultimate comfort.

Best Sofas For dogs

Which sofas are best for dogs?

If you love having your dogs around you and don’t have the heart to kick them off the sofa, you might struggle to find a fabric that works for you. Our advice is to stay away from loose weaves that could trap hair or catch on claws, and look at alternatives to suede which can be difficult to clean. Canvas, microfiber or any other kind of tight-weave is ideal as dirt and hair will slide right off. If you prefer leather, go for a less smooth option which won’t scratch easily – plus you can simply wipe it clean.

Sofa Buying Guide

Sofa Buying Guide

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