Your Perfect Frying Pan

When choosing a frying pan it’s worth taking time to consider the right one, whether it’s a family-sized pan or a statement piece you’ll be happy to leave on show.

The right frying pan will be the staple piece of your hob top, sealing, caramelising and crisping away while you prepare other elements of your meal. Heatproof handles are extra useful as they can be placed in the oven to finish off dishes that have been started off on the hob top.

Non-stick models are coated in the interior to make everything move around easily without catching on the surface and are often made of steel or aluminium. Opt for coatings that are PFOA free and remember that frying pans with damaged non-stick should be replaced.


Stellar is our premier saucepan brand. The Rocktanium frying pan, in particular, is ideal for creating healthy meals, as the non-stick coating ensures that you only need the smallest amount of oil for perfect frying. The PFOA free, non-stick base is scratch resistance and both the inside and outside of the pan are easy to clean even after use with extreme heat. For a versatile cookware set, we recommend the Stellar 7000 5 Piece Set. This highly-efficient set of cookware features a 'hot-forged' base to ensure even heat distribution on all hob types including induction. This stainless steel set will look sophisticated in your kitchen and even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

TEFAL Frying Pans


The Tefal Expertise range features the exclusive Titanium Excellence, Tefal’s most durable non-stick coating. This premium multi-layer non-stick coating is reinforced with titanium, assuring the most resistant non-stick pans. The coating is tough enough to use with metal utensils and gives better protection against scratching and abrasion, whilst the stainless steel stamped base offers optimum heat distribution and durability. Bakelite handles feature polished stainless steel inserts and are oven proof up to 175 degrees celsius.

CIRCULON Frying Pans


Circulon are pioneers of the non-stick cookware industry and their Total 22cm stainless steel frying pan heats up 20% faster with no hot spots, allowing you to create amazing meals every time. This frying pan can resist 20 times more dishwasher usage so is truly dishwasher safe, Paired with oven safe handles and an extra thick induction base across the whole range, you can use them in a multitude of ways and let your creativity show in your food.

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