Find Your Fit

Find your perfect bra fit with the help of our expert fitters in store, or if you prefer you can do it at home using our step-by-step bra fitting guide. Look and feel gorgeous all around the clock when you discover the perfect fit and style for you.


Watch our video showing you how to find your perfect fit at home or follow the guide below.


1. Determine your band size

While braless, measure directly under your bust where a bra would sit. The tape should be level and snug. Round to the nearest whole number, if the number is even add four inches, if it’s odd, add five. Your band size is the sum of this calculation. 

2. Take your bust measurement

Wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level). Round this measurement to the nearest whole number.

3. Calculate your cup size

Subtract: bust size – band size. The difference will determine your cup size.

Find Your Fit

The Band

Fasten your band on the middle hook so it sits comfortably level on your back and parallel to the floor.

If this feels too tight try a looser hook. Still digging in? Go for a larger band & small cup size.

If this feels loose and is sliding up, try a tighter hook or go down a band size & up a cup size. 

The Cups

Cups should fit smoothly, leaving no space between you & your bra.

If you are spilling over, go up a cup size.

Cups gaping? Go down a size.

The Straps

Most of the support comes from the band. Your straps should be tight enough to stay in place and keep your bra cups from gaping, but they should never dig into your shoulders.

Try this trick: Drop your straps off your shoulders. If your bra stays put, you've got the right fit.

Bra Fitting Table