A Decluttered Wardrobe is a Decluttered Mind

You know it’s time to declutter your wardrobe when:

a) You no longer wear 80% of the clothes stuffed inside
b) You can never find what you need
c) It’s so cluttered that your clothes get wrinkled

These tried and true tips to clear closet clutter and make way for clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear regularly will help you clean up your closet once and for all.

Empty Your Wardrobe Out, a close up of a full wardrobe of ladies clothes

1. Empty It All Out

Yes, we mean it! Empty out every shelf and every rail in that wardrobe. A clear vision of an empty space is the best way to plan what you want to go where.

Separate Your Wardrobe Into Categories, shirts, bags, shoes

2. Divide & Conquer

Once everything is out in the open, begin to separate your wardrobe into categories – clothing, shoes, accessories, lingerie. As you do this, create a space for the items that you plan to donate or discard. You'll have to be ruthless and think to yourself "have I worn this item in the last 2 months?" If the answer is no, it might be time to say goodbye. If it's a weather-dependent item like a ski jacket or a bikini, set it to one side.

Now it’s time to take each category and separate them into different occasions like workwear, at home clothing & sleepwear, occasion dressing, casual social outings, gym wear.

Separate Clothes By Occasional and Season, close up of womens tops on hangers

3. Put it all Back

Put occasional and seasonal items at the back of your wardrobe and everyday items at the front for easy access. Keep lingerie and accessories in drawers or baskets as these tend to look messy if out in the open. Rolling up t-shirts and trousers and keeping them in drawers is also a great space utiliser.

4. Donate

Finally, make sure to donate your clothes to people who need them most. But remember to wash them first and ask yourself if they are in a good enough condition for someone else to wear. If not, always recycle. And voila!

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