Looking After You

Everyone deserves some time for pampering and relaxation. Look after your skin with some luxurious skincare and handcare essentials.

Five Jo Malone London products on a wooden side table including body wash, body cream and perfume


Keep your skin healthy and glowing whilst spending time at home with the help of some skincare essentials. From daily serums and moisturisers to pampering face masks treat yourself to the ultimate skin cleanse. Moisturising and cleansing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness which is important while spending time indoors.

Skincare Products

Two Molton Brown London products, one handwash in blue, one hand lotion in white with a white towel in the background


Be sure to moisturise your hands at regular intervals, especially when you're using harsh hand sanitisers daily. Our hands reveal our age much more readily than our complexions so it is important to look after them as often as we can - using a hydrating moisturiser can help reduce cracking and chafing. Don't forget to moisturise the backs as well as the palms of your hands.

Two Kiehl's images combines - on the left, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Cleanser on a marbel counter top with a magnifying glass over part of the packaging. Herbs in glass jars and a pestel and mortar in the background. On the right, Powerful-Strenght Line-Reducing Concentrate piled on top of eachother.


The skincare experts at Kiehl's are masters when it comes to creating formulas driven by science and powered by nature. Follow their top tips for healthy, glowing skin.

- Apply a vitamin C serum twice a day after you tone and moisturise - this helps protect your skin and gives you a bright, glowing boost.

- Combat dark circles with regular use of an eye cream or serum. Ingredients like avocado and vitamin C are ideal for this, or alternatively use your Midnight Recovery Eye for a refreshed look by the time you wake up.

- Banish blemishes by cleansing every day and applying an oil like the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate. And avoid touching your face!