From chic console tables to the return of dining room tables, get ready to shop this season’s greatest home additions.

After a summer spent predominately outdoors, we’re once again preparing to get cosy indoors for the winter months. In the past, this meant switching out your duvet for a heavier tog and changing your home scent, but now it’s about making our spaces truly ours. Which makes sense given how our homes have become central to just about everything in our lives.

A newfound love for our homes fostered through lockdown has influenced the new interest in elevated homewares, particularly in the furniture department. At Arnotts, our leading interiors experts are always on hand to help you find the pieces that will fit your lifestyle and your aesthetic. From space-saving bed frames to sustainably made pieces, these are the top furniture trends to keep on your radar.

Contemporary Antiquity


With more people working from home and many having moved into a multi-generational living situation, flexibility and functionality of space is more important than ever. We no longer have spaces identified in the traditional ‘living’ or ‘dining’ room sense. Instead, each space within our homes needs to adapt to each family member’s needs at different times. As a result, we are seeing a move towards smaller bed frames to allow more space in the bedroom for a home office. Clever storage solutions are also key to a multi-functional space so that the bedroom’s sense of calm is maintained with well-organised and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Consoles and shelving units are key especially for those short on space.


It’s not just our rooms that need to be multi-functional but our furniture too. For example, the dining table outside of mealtimes can double up as a hobby space or as we see a growing trend in extendable functionality, it can be reduced back in size to facilitate more space for family activities or even an at-home workout. The chairs are also not fixed to the table any longer and a trend towards comfortable chairs that can easily be relocated to a different room to read or to double up as an office chair. It’s all about function and multi-purpose.

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Contemporary Antiquity


With the recent rise of home-based hobbies the family dining table has become much more than a base for mealtimes. Whether you’re looking for a classic elongated table for your formal dining room or a space-saving circular number for your open-plan studio, there’s a host of great designs to choose from.


Comfort remains a top goal in all areas of interiors. With the chaos and uncertainty of the past year, the need to create a safe haven in our homes has never been more important. But what does that entail exactly? Think plushy, sink-into furniture, chestnut woods, warm colours and overflowing bookshelves. Fluffy towels, luxurious candles, joyful prints, essentially this trend is embracing pieces that help you to relax.

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Contemporary Antiquity


Whether it’s €50 for a bargain side table or €5,000 spent on a cloud-like loveseat, furniture is always an investment. Regardless of the scale, these purchases should be bought to last – for you, your family and for the planet. One small way to further this conscious effort is by shopping for sustainable brands that are keeping the future of the earth in mind. At Arnotts, sustainability is at the core of our business and we stock sustainable furniture brands that have verified third-party certification.

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