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We recognise our responsibility to run our business in a way that is good for people and the planet. That is why our sustainability vision is to achieve positive change. We see it as "Doing the Right Thing", which is one of our core business values. We are at an early stage, but we committed to placing sustainability at the heart of how we work, and in what we buy and sell.

Our aim is to manage our environmental footprint, responsibly source our products and support our people and communities.


To deliver our vision and aim, our sustainability programme has three pillars of action.

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We are committed to:
Managing our environmental footprint across our business;

Training our teams and working with our suppliers on improving sustainability;

Tracking and reporting our progress in line with the Sustainable Development Goals for Business covering energy/climate change, resource use and waste, water and responsible products.

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Download our Sustainability Policy, Sustainability Targets (2019/20)

Alannah Weston, our Deputy Chairman, Selfridges Group talks about the seven reasons for our businesses to take sustainability seriously.

Eliminating single use plastics

Eliminating single use plastics

Under Ireland’s REPAK Plastics Pledge we commit to eliminating all avoidable single use plastic packaging and shifting to low impact alternatives by 2020.

Already we have banned plastic microbeads in beauty products and plastic straws from our restaurants. By end 2019 we have committed to removing all single use plastic water bottles, disposable cups, plastic containing beauty wipes and Q tips from our business. We have rolled out branded reusable cups to our head office team members.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We commit to reducing our carbon footprint in line with our Sustainability Targets. To do this we have ongoing investments in energy efficiency improvements such as switching to low energy lighting LED lighting, more efficient heating and cooling systems. We buy green electricity supporting renewable energy generation in Ireland.

Zero waste to landfill

We commit to being zero waste to landfill by end 2019.


We are committed to
Responsibly sourcing our products and packaging across the supply chain;

Growing our ranges of responsible beauty, fashion, food, accessories and homewares to support our customers live more sustainable lifestyles;

Showcasing sustainable products and local Irish design.

Positive Change

The Sustainable Edit: A curated collection of sustainable fashion, food, beauty and living. Extraordinary style with a light footprint so our conscious customers can have it all.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

We work with our brands, concessions, restaurants, logistics and other suppliers to continuously improve environmental, labour and animal welfare practices and transparency across the supply chain. We train our buyers and suppliers on responsible sourcing. We work with best practice initiatives including the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Download our Ethical Trading Regulations with our mandatory responsible sourcing requirements for suppliers


Our iconic Brown Thomas and Arnotts carrier bags are made from sustainably sourced paper and can be recycled. We are working on reducing the footprint of all our packaging and consumables.
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Quality, Longevity and Reuse

Our luxury, quality products stand the test of time. We also support their reuse by our Online Give Back Box. Customers can donate clothes or items to raise charity funds for SVP by returning their unwanted clothes or items via the online delivery box. Our team members also can donate through our SVP Internal Clothing Appeal.
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We support the local communities our business operates in through charity fundraising and volunteering. We support a variety of charity partners relevant to our brands and team members interests through our 'Helping Hands' charity partners. Team members participate in charity initiatives and the business matches the team funds raised up to €100,000. Every team member that we employ has one paid volunteering day per year.

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Our commitment is from the top down. Our sustainability team lead our programme with oversight from our Sustainability Executive Group – decision makers across our business functions. Over 30 of our team are Green and Charity champions who support implementation and engagement across our business. Our Green Champions are trained in line with the accredited Green Teams national programme supported by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We work closely with our brands, concessions and supply partners. We are also members of sustainability leadership initiatives in Ireland and internationally which support us to continuously improve and scale our progress.