Perfect Your Blowdry At Home

Hello beautiful hair! For days when you can't get a blow-dry appointment or have always wanted to learn how to perfect your blow-dry at home, Dyson leads the way with their revolutionary hair tools.

Put It To The Test

After your shower, use your normal products to heat protect and to condition your hair as you normally would. To dry your hair, the team behind Dyson's ground-breaking vacuum cleaners have redesigned the modest hair dryer into a Supersonic™ beauty essential that will revolutionise your styling routine. Rough dry your hair to about 75 – 80% dry and then section the hair to help smooth and dry each section more effectively and quicker. Make sure to point the nozzle downwards to smooth the hair shaft and use a round brush to help keep the hair smooth. The Supersonic is also acoustically designed to reduce noise levels and comes with three magnetic attachments that allows you to smooth, curl and style your hair as you dry.

To make your hair extra smooth or perhaps if you are not confidant in your hair curling technique yet, the new Dyson Corrale straightener is the only straightener with flexing plates that shape around your hair, gathering it neatly together on each pass. This extra control means you can achieve the same style but with less heat - and therefore half the damage! For assistance in practicing the perfect curl, there are many videos on Youtube on different curls to suit your personal style. Finish with your favourite hair spray to fix your look in place and you are good to go. With some practice and patience, you will be a professional in no time at all!

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