What is the Butterfly Mark?

The Positive Luxury initiative awards their coveted Butterfly Mark to luxury lifestyle brands, in recognition of their commitment to making a positive impact on the world we live in.

We’re proud to stock a number of brands which display the Butterfly Mark.

Positive Luxury uses comprehensive assessment processes to ensure that a brand’s governance, social and environmental frameworks, community investment and innovation all meet their very high standards for accreditation. As different companies contribute to sustainability in different ways, each brand is assigned their own special collection of Positive Actions that demonstrates their unique efforts.

Kiehls face mask surrounded by coriander and grapefruit


Having been founded in the form of an old-world apothecary, Kiehl’s have spent over 150 years perfecting and refining their cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge. Ingredients are at the heart of all Kiehl’s products and are chosen based on what’s truly beneficial to skin, rather than simply on aesthetics. Kiehl’s has been awarded their Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability, through responsible sourcing, product take back schemes and community investment initiatives.

Through their parent company, Kiehl’s are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and have been sourcing palm oil sustainably, and in line with RSPO standards since 2010.

Kiehl’s is committed to finding better ways to do business and to give back to their community. To reduce waste, the brand introduced a recycling program, where customers could receive stamps for returning empty products and receive freebies in return. In 2011, the brand launched the “Kiehl’s Gives” program to help local teams focus on three key causes in their communities: the environment, children's well-being, and LGBTQ+ causes. To date, Kiehl’s have partnered with over 50 charities worldwide.

YSL pure shot products lying on silky material

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent has been a highly successful brand in the fragrance world, for over 50 years. In addition, the brand has been guided by some of the world’s most famous makeup artists, to create cosmetics which combine cutting-edge science with sophisticated glamour.

YSL has been awarded their Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability. The brand is committed to a responsible sourcing model, including for key ingredients such as palm oil, of which 100% is sourced in line with RSPO standards, as they continue to reducing their environmental footprint.

YSL Beauty has also embarked on an innovative project in the foothills of the Atlas mountains in Morocco – here they have created their very own gardens and started to grow some of their signature ingredients in a botanical research area.

The brand has also set up a women’s cooperative to tend daily to the garden. YSL Beauty is committed to empowering all women, whether through their beauty products or directly within their organisation.