Fluffy Baby Bathtime

The first baby bath is a milestone not long after a baby is born and baby and children’s bath time is an enjoyable part of a baby’s routine, often before bedtime. This can be a very relaxing time for little ones and a nice bonding time for parents and carers of children too.

Product shot of a light blue plastic elegance baby bath on a grey backdrop

Bubbly Bliss

Having the right sized bath, or baby bather insert is the first step in ensuring both a safe and comfortable environment for a baby’s bath. Baby Elegance at Arnotts offer baby bath inserts and also baby baths in three different colours, pearl pink, pearl blue and grey. Each bath is 100cm long which makes then ideal for inserting into an adult bath or they can be used on their own. These baths are ideal for babies for the first 6 months of their lives.

A young boy and girl wearing Pottery Barn Hooded Towels while washing their hands at a navy and white skink. The boy wears a navy towel with a skark on the hood and the girl wears a pink yellow blue and green towel with a unicorn on the hood.

Fluffy soft towels are a lovely treat for baby after their bath, and hooded ones are especially practical, to keep babies heads warm and to help dry their hair quickly. Both Baby Elegance and Pottery Barn Kids offer a variety of hooded towels for baby girls and boys. While Pottery Barn Kids also offer practical hooded bath wraps for little girls and boys too, everything from a mermaid or unicorn bath wrap for girls to a dinosaur or elephant bath wrap for boys.

Top Tip: Look out for a baby bath with a stopper on the bottom, which makes draining the bath easier – one less job to worry about!

Safety is paramount: Never leave a baby unattended in a bath.

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