Top Tips For Working From Home

Leaving behind open plan work spaces and back to back meetings, adjusting to working from home may prove difficult for some. Here are some of our top tips to help make this adjustment that bit easier.

1. Maintain regular hours

Without a commute to work it can be difficult to start off your working day, start your day with a morning routine such as a workout, to help set you up for a day of work. Getting dressed can help motivate you for the day ahead. Throughout the day make sure to dedicate time to yourself, take a step back and take a breather so the work does not get too intense. Be sure to log off when your working day ends as it is easy to get carried away and overwork in the evenings.

2. Take lunch breaks / Schedule breaks

Even though you are home it is important to take a lunch break and a coffee break throughout the day to avoid getting too stressed. Don't feel guilty about taking a well earned break, go for a walk, cook something tasty or just relax and watch some TV. Check out our at home recipes for some tips and tricks.

3. Stay hydrated

Working from a computer screen all day can get quite overwhelming - stay hydrated to avoid headaches throughout the day. Try keeping a water bottle nearby and refill it regularly.

4. Dedicate one space to work

It is important to separate your work space from your relaxation space, devote an area in your home for your work to ensure that you can still enjoy the comfort of your home in full once the workday is finished.

5. Keep A Positive Mindset

Times like this can become very stressful and raise anxiety levels. Try to keep a positive outlook on the situation, Use your free time to work on you, your home, or just to relax. Treat yourself to a spa day or revamp your home with the help of our tips you can find here.