Molly's Vintage Vibes

We'd like to welcome Molly's Vintage Vibes in-store. Each piece of iconic 19th-century furniture is hand-restored and ready to take up a place in your beautiful home!

Best Sofa Bed

Original pieces designed by the most brilliant architects of the day, these are beautiful pieces of grace, craft and functionality. The experts at Molly's Vintage Vibes select each piece of furniture with the same love and attention to detail as if they were buying for their own homes, and they're passionate about restoring these beautiful pieces to their original finishes. Each piece they offer you has a story to tell and, if they can obtain a piece's history, then they will provide this on a plaque and position on a subtle place on the furniture.

Discover one-of-a-kind pieces from Molly's Vintage Vibes in-store.