Tips To Defrost Your Freezer

Love chicken wings either on their own or as part Defrosting your freezer is certainly not the most fun job to do but can be very satisfying once completed. Plus you will find that your freezer will run much more efficiently once it has been defrosted and will save you more in energy going forward.

Getting Started

It is recommended to defrost your freezer once a year but you may need to do this more often if you see a build-up of ice on the top of your freezer and surrounding the baskets.

To start, it is recommended to do this a cool day (If possible to do so) as the food that you will be removing from the freezer will stay cooler for longer. Remove the contents from your freezer and store in a freezer bag or store in a close by family member’s freezer if this is possible to do so. This is a great time to sort out and take stock of your freezer’s contents, in case there is anything that may need to be thrown out.

Before switching off or unplugging your freezer, be sure to note that there will be excess water once this is unplugged. Prepare the area around your freezer by place placing old towels around the appliance. If you have any basins or containers that you can use to catch the water, these would be beneficial also.

When switching off your freezer, make sure to leave the freezer door open in order to allow the more solid ice melt away from the walls and the top of your freezer. Remove your freezer drawers and allow these to come back to room temperature before cleaning so that they do not crack. Once these are ready, you can wash the drawers thoroughly before placing to one side to dry.

Once the ice has melted, you can now clean the freezer with a suitable cleaning detergent, applied with a clean cloth, and dry thoroughly. Now you can replace the drawers and switch your freezer back on, making sure to give it a minimum of one hour before refilling with the freezer contents. This will also be a great opportunity to reorganise the contents of your freezer too.