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Masters in garment design and production, Magee have been creating expertly tailored suits for over 100 years.


Whether you require the perfect fit for a formal occasion, or business commitment, Magee will assist you in finding the ideal suit to meet your needs, while ensuring that you attain impeccable personal style.

The wide selection of suits caters to every different need, and preference. Find a bespoke suit perfect for your wedding day, or ensure that your groomsmen are dressed and tailored to perfection, then add distinguished accessories for that extra bit of detail. Businessmen can stay looking polished and professional, with a perfectly fitted suit that conveys an impression of excellence at all times. Magee channels 150 years experience in designing, weaving and tailoring to produce outstanding suits, from only the finest cashmere, lambswool, alpaca, silk, and linen. Inspired by the land and seascapes around their native Donegal, every garment is designed to reflect Magee’s distinctive heritage, but with an added contemporary twist.

Visit us in Arnotts to begin your journey towards your ideal suit. Magee offers a personal tailoring service in Arnotts, to assist you in achieving the perfect fit.

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