Style Secrets to
Body Confidence with Gok Wan

Stylist, designer and TV presenter Gok Wan joined us in-store to share his top tips for choosing the best lingerie and shapewear to suit your body - and your personality. Discover Gok's top tips for body confidence and choosing your perfect lingerie here, and find your perfect fit with our expert fitters in-store. Book by calling calling 01 805 0565, or email

Did you know? 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

Wearing the wrong bra size can lead to sagging, back and neck pain, and scarring. It’s important to get fitted if your bra is digging in, slipping, sagging, bulging, or causing you any pain.

Your bra should be flush with you bust - when fitting a bra, if the under wire lifts in the middle of your bra it’s too small. If it lifts at the side, your bra is too big.

Your new bra should always be worn on the loosest hook. Over time you should move up 1 hook at a time. Straps should be able to shift up to 1 inch on either side without disrupting the fit.

Gok’s Top Tips

Goks top tips

The Smooth Bra

If you’re bustier, a smooth bra will minimise appearance. These bras are comfortable and sleek, plus they provide the support and lift you need.

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The Molded Cup

A molded cup is better for shape and lift - these include padded, push-up and contour bras, and there are a myriad to choose from.

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Control Wear

Control wear is for smoothing areas and shouldn’t be worn head to toe only the places you need it. Our range of shapewear saviours will keep you covered!

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Your bra cup must cover your bust completely to ensure maximum comfort. A bra strap extender can assist during times when your bust fits differently, for example during pregnancy.

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Did you know that your black bra fits tighter compared to a white bra? Make sure that your fit is perfect, no matter what colour you're wearing.

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Your Swimwear fits differently to how your Lingerie fits. Make sure you find the one that's perfect for your body - be it a beautiful bikini or the perfect one piece.