Petra Strand

Skincare Tips from Pixi’s Founder

We talk skincare with Petra Strand, beauty expert and founder of the exciting and innovative Pixi range.


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1. Why is a skincare routine important for your skin?
The best way to look after your skin is regular maintenance opposed to quick fixes. Of course you can be prescriptive and add in things that your skin needs because of other factors like: Weather/Health/Travel etc, but a daily routine is the secret to great skin.

Rose Tonic

2. What is the best way to eliminate dark circles?
Drink lots of water, cut down on your tea/coffee and switch to a herbal tea like peppermint & licorice. I know the obvious one is to aim for that ideal 7/8 hours of quality sleep. One of my favourite pick-me ups for tired eyes is freezing a little of the Rose Tonic (about 3 cubes) then popping it out and rubbing it round the orbital bone round the eye, it is packed with soothing Aloe and chamomile but also contains Elderflower to revitalise and Rose to hydrate - the perfect solution for fatigued eyes.

Glow Serum

3. What should a woman do differently in her skin care routine as she ages?
Layer moisture into the skin, instead of just reaching for a heavy/rich moisturiser, layer in moisture through serums and oils and boost the skin with a weekly overnight moisture mask to increase suppleness and elasticity. Try the Nourishing sleep mask it is so rich in moisture and leaves skin smooth and hydrated.

My absolute Mature Skin saviour tip: I use the Overnight Glow Serum as the ultimate booster 3 times a week, it has 10% Glycolic and is packed with soothing botanicals as well as humectants, so I have found that it is the perfect blend to ensure that my skin looks fresh and rested.

4. What are the best preventative measures for aging skin and what is the best age to start?
The skin can change so much over the years and can change radically from decade to decade. Genuinely to start with a simple but effective: Cleanse/Tone/Moisturise & Sunscreen from your teens is literally paying it forward- ensuring that your skin is in optimum health, the other thing which is fantastic for an extra boost is a weekly mask, you can mix it up so that it bolsters what your skin needs: Moisture/soothing/deep cleansing and revitalising, masks add extra TLC to your regular routine and can be an amazing addition

Rose Oil

5. What oils do you recommend for healthy skin and why?
I am an oil obsessive and I love a blend of oils that are like a superfood for the skin The Rose Oil Blend is a cocooning nourishing base oil with Damascus Rose/Rose Geranium/Pomegranate and Rose hip so it is also soothing and healing for all skins and the Jasmine Oil has a lighter textured base that instantly hydrates and I blended in pure Jasmine, Chamomile, Cranberry and a touch of lavender to revitalise but also calm the skin.

I use the oils neat but sometimes I mix a drop in with my moisturiser or masks to really improve the texture of my skin and add extra nourishment and adding a bespoke element to my skincare routine.

6. What tips do you have for women dealing with adult eczema or acne?
Eczema needs calming & soothing as well as moisture - I would also potentially keep a food diary in case there was a link with flare ups and the food I was eating. With eczema an oil-based cleanser is essential for daily maintenance to keep skin immaculately clean but also soothed. Also try a mist with soothing properties to keep the skin at its best health - the Hydrating Milky Mist is my go-to to calm and soothe redness - it has black oat extract which is anti-inflammatory and ultra soothing.

Acne prone skins benefit from double cleansing at night and an acid toner like Glow Tonic- the Glycolic which is derived from sugar cane works on the textures of the skin and improves the appearance of a skin with an active break out as well as improving the texture of skin with scarring.

7. What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?
Hydration is so essential for a healthy skin that has that all important glow! Cleansing properly at night and sunscreen to prevent accumulative sun damage is also essential.

Glow Tonic

8. What is the one product you cannot live without?
That is so tough…but genuinely Glow Tonic has been part of my routine for the last 18 years (it is part of Pixi’s heritage) and something I can’t live without.

Flawless Poreless Pimer

9. What is the best way to make your makeup last longer?
Use a moisturiser/primer with humectants, humectants trap moisture into the skin and prevent dehydration. One of the key reasons why your make up disappears during the course of the day is that the skin becomes dehydrated and essentially drinks in the moisture on the skin (which means the make up disappears) so with humectants in your primer especially - keeps your make up exactly where it should be: Try Flawless Poreless Primer (has a humectant that will keep your makeup immaculate all day long).

Flawless Poreless Pimer

10. There are so many types of primer – what do they all do and how do you know what one you should be using?
Primers essentially come with 2 different uses: there are tinted primers that can be colour correcting or add a little pigment to the skin, or they can simply have skincare benefits. A hero base product at Pixi is Flawless Poreless Primer. This has a beautiful rose/gold pigment that adds such a flattering finish to all skin making the skin look subtly warmed with a beautiful airbrushed finish.

The other type of primer is one that is truly an extension of your skincare and does not have pigment added but skincare benefits, the next generation of primer takes this one step further and Rose Flash Balm is actually the perfect hybrid product as it is skincare that has been developed to work beautifully as a primer under make up too for a beautifully hydrated and smooth finish.

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