National Fragrance Day

International Fragrance Day

Fragrance is so much more than just a sweet-smelling perfume in a pretty bottle. With the power to evoke powerful memories and emotions, your signature scent is your very own form of art.

International Fragrance Day is celebrated on the 21st of March every year, but perfume has been around for at least 5000 years.

With its origins in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the first fragrances were made from natural ingredients such as jasmine, frankincense and honey.

Deciding on your signature scent is a very personal choice and a perfume that smells beautiful on your sister or a best friend might not be the one for you. This is because each person’s body chemistry made up of hormones and pheromones reacts differently with the ingredients of perfume, which can result in a completely different smell!

Fragrances come in different concentrations and the first step in choosing one is deciding which one you would prefer. The lowest concentration is eau de cologne, which tends to last about two hours on the skin. Eau de toilette lasts around three hours, eau de parfum can last up to five hours and perfume (or parfum) usually only requires one application per day.

Next, you need to select the fragrance family which you prefer. Light and fresh, sweet and floral, rich and exotic or earthy and woody are just a few of these families. You will probably find that you are naturaly drawn towards certain fragrance families. You should think about which fragrance family suits your look, style or personality. For example, if you are very feminine and romantic in style and personality, you might be attracted to florals. If you’re more outdoorsy and energetic, you may prefer fresh fragrances like citrus. Those who favour oriental scents tend to be passionate and sophisticated, whereas lovers of the more woody scnet are sensual, free-spirited and nurturing.

Bear in mind that fragrances are made up of notes. The top note is the immediate smell, while the base note does not release until about 30 minutes after application so therefore you should allow the scent to settle on your skin before you evaluate it. You should also try testing the fragrance in various scenarios – indoors, outdoors, in the day or at night.

Never test too many fragrances at one time. Your olfactory system will be overloaded and you won’t be able to focus on each individual scent.

If you’re still unsure what your signature scent is remember you can always have more than one signature fragrance! You may prefer one for night time or one for just special occasions. Heavier scents are better suited to nighttime, while light florals are more appropriate for work for casual day time wear.

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