Dr Veronique Delvigne

Dr. Veronique Talks Skincare

Clean, hydrate, treat and protect. We find out more about the four basic steps in your skincare routine.


Dr. Veronique Talks Skincare

We all know that skincare is a science, so we caught up with Lancome’s scientific director, Dr Veronique Delvigne, to find out her top tips for keeping skin looking youthful and glowing at all times.

What is the most important part of a skincare routine?
First, it is very important to clearly define your personal primary skin concerns and then to identify the right skincare routine that suits your skin condition.

Four basic steps build the foundation of a smart skincare routine, for beautiful and healthy skin:
1. Clean
2. Hydrate
3. Treat / Correct
4. Protect

Whatever the season, whatever your skin type, at Lancôme we always recommend Advanced Génifique as the very first step of every Lancôme skincare routine, after cleansing. Apply Advanced Génifique evenly across your face and neck, to create a re-plumping, cocooning sensation to the skin.


Soleil Bronzer SPF50 BB Cream

2. How can we prevent or delay ageing skin?

Many factors cause our skin to age. If we cannot block the natural and genetic aging process called “intrinsic aging”, we can definitely slow down the “extrinsic premature aging” due to our environment and lifestyle.

Obviously overexposure to UV rays is responsible for premature skin aging, damaging the elastic fibers that keep skin firm and inducing wrinkling, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Therefore, according to your activities, the use of daily photoprotection with SPF 15 skincare cream or fluid or the use of specific sun care such as Soleil Bronzer SPF50 BB Cream is highly recommended, especially if spending time outside, going out in the sun, or at the beach.


The sun is not the only factor that causes premature ageing. They are also some golden rules for beautiful and healthy skin:

1. Stop smoking if you do so. Smoking greatly speeds up how quickly skin ages. It causes wrinkles and dull, sallow complexion.

2. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Findings from a few studies suggest that eating fresh fruits and vegetables providing antioxidants may help prevent damage that leads to premature skin aging.

3. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, and with time, damages the skin.

4. Exercise. Moderate exercise can improve circulation, boost the immune system and oxygenate the tissues.

5. Sleep well. It is good for cell renewal and skin regeneration.

6. Cleanse your skin gently every day. It helps to remove pollution, makeup, perspiration and other substances in order to let your skin “breathe”.

In addition to preventive action and the golden rules mentioned above, it is also now well recognized that the consistent use of anti-aging skin care can help fight signs of aging. Through LANCÔME’S catalogue, you will find different offers, depending on the skin concern you want to tackle, such as Rénergie for example targeting wrinkles and lack of firmness and Absolue addressing skin regeneration.


Rose Tonic

3. How do we know if a product is right for us?
No doubt that you will know right away if the product you are using is right for your skin. First, it will bring comfort and pleasure upon application, but more importantly, it will provide visible benefits on your skin. We also remind you that at LANCOME, our skincare product are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Advanced Génifique

4. What are 4 things you can do for your skin every day?
In order to take care of your skin you have to closely look at it and learn to listen to its specific needs. Note that your skin’s needs may change from season to season. Sometimes, when the warm weather hits, you may feel necessary to adjust your daily skin care routine, and to opt for lightweight textures. On the opposite, in winter, when it is cold and windy, you may go for richer and nourishing formulas. However, it is not 3 but 4 key steps that you need to follow on a day-to-day basis, for beautiful and youthful skin:

Step 1 – Cleanse: The face wash or cleanser is the number 1 item in your skincare routine. It will not only dissolve make up and dirt, but will leave your skin clean and clear; always keep in mind that it has to be mild with the skin.

Step 2 – Advanced Génifique: The very foundation of every Lancôme skincare routine, no matter what the primary skin concern. Apply evenly across your face and neck, to create a re-plumping, cocooning sensation to the skin.

Step 3 – Moisturize: Treat & Prevent, according to your skin concern.

Step 4 – Protect: Guard the skin from sun’s damages.


5. What ingredients should we avoid when looking at skincare products?
From a general point of view, avoid all the ingredients that are irritating for the skin and ban using skin care products that are too harsh and not suitable for your skin type. Always follow the usage instructions for a given product and keep in mind that LANCOME’s products are suitable even for sensitive skin.



6. How many products is too many? What should be your key products?
At Lancôme, we think it is very important to keep using the same cosmetic treatment day after day in order to see a real benefit on the skin, as biological changes take time. Moreover, the use of skincare and the layering of different products depend on skin’s needs and expectations in terms of results. No risk of ‘overdose’, no risk to give your skin, too much care or treatment, especially if you carefully listen to its needs and use products suiting your skin conditions.


Visionnaire Crescendo

7. Are there any products you should avoid using together?
It is key to consciously choose your skincare products but also to feel great pleasure upon using them. However, this does not discharge you from some logic! For example if you are using peels, like Visionnaire Crescendo or ABSOLUE PRECIOUS CELLS ROSE DROP, carefully follow the instructions and recommendations for optimal results and maximal tolerance. For instance, even it sounds obvious these products are non-intended to be used on sensitive skin or with other treatments such dermabrasion, other acid or retinol-based cosmetics. In addition, in the morning, the use of UV protection (at least SPF 15) is mandatory.