Anastasia Beverly Hills is here

The rumours are true! The highly-sought after Anastasia Beverly Hills range has launched online and in-store at Arnotts.

Beauty By Ratios

Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare launched her namesake brand with a Beverly Hills flagship salon in 1997 and the company’s first product line in 2000. Rooted in the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio, Anastasia Beverly Hills creates prestige cosmetics for a passionate prosumer audience.

Well-documented over the millennia by groundbreaking thinkers—including Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein—the human eye is encoded to recognize nature’s universal design fractal: the Golden Ratio. This mathematical ratio of 1.618 to 1—in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts—offers the key to finding balance, symmetry, and beauty. By following the principles of this ancient science, Anastasia created a proprietary technique for shaping brows that complements every face shape.

Laurel Trainor

"O ur eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony.” Anastasia Soare - Founder

The Absolute Essentials

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Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW® Pomade is a full-pigment, waterproof pomade that can be used to fill in and detail brows. The long-lasting, buildable formula glides on, dries down completely and stays put, giving you effortless, natural-looking textured brows with ease.

How to apply:
1 - Start with a minimal amount of product on your brush.
2 - Using the spoolie end of the brush, comb brow hairs upward, then outline the lower arch with the brush end.
3 - Blend using the spoolie end.
4 - Next, brush hairs downward, outline the upper arch and lightly blend.
5 - Start filling inside the brow in the same direction that the hairs grow naturally.
6 - Continue blending through the brow during application for the most natural-looking results.
7 - Finish by filling in the front of the brow using the remaining product on the brush, creating a softer gradient effect at the front end of the brow.

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Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is a full-pigment liquid formula that dries down to a weightless matte finish for smudge-proof wearability and long-lasting color. The comfortable matte formula delivers full-coverage wear that creates the appearance of fuller lips and lasts all day.

How to apply:
1 - Begin by outlining the Cupid’s bow with the precise applicator.
2 - Fill in the remainder of the top lip.
3 - Outline the bottom lip and fill.
4 - Highlight the perimeter of the lips using Pro Pencil and blend into the skin using Brush 20 or Brush 3 to create clean edges.

Brow Wiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz® is an ultra-slim, retractable pencil that is ideal for outlining and detailing brows. The unique wax formula adds texture and creates the appearance of fuller-looking brows with ease and flexibility. Use the fine-tipped pencil to create tiny hairlike strokes in areas where there is sparseness. Then, use the spoolie end to blend for a natural-looking finish.

How to apply:
1 - Start by outlining the under arch of the brow, moving toward the tail end, then blend using the spoolie end of the brush.
2 - Move to the upper arch and blend using the spoolie.
3 - To add detail and dimension, add hairlike strokes to the front of the brow.
4 - With the tip of the pencil, lightly sketch in the same direction as the hair’s natural growth.
5 - Use this technique on sparse areas throughout the brow and blend using the spoolie for a natural finish.
6 - Remember that all ABH products are highly pigmented, so little pressure is required when applying.

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Clear Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel is a lightweight clear gel that sets color and holds brow hair in place for a clean, polished look that lasts. Brush on using short upward strokes as a finishing topcoat to your brow look (or use alone).

How to apply:
1 - The final step to brow application is setting with gel.
2 - Brush Clear Brow Gel through your finished brow look (using 5–6 strokes per brow), using an upward motion for an additional lifting effect and added fullness.

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Sultry Eye Shadow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eye Shadow Palette is an essential smoky eye shadow palette that features 14 shades ranging from golden mattes to bronzy metallics. Create an endless array of holiday looks with this collection of cool-toned shadows—including 2 cult-favorite shades and 12 ALL-NEW shades.

How to apply:
1 - A little goes a long way, so only a little product is needed to create high-impact eye looks.
2 - The included double-ended brush is compact and perfect for on-the-go application.
3 - Use the flat end to deposit color, highlight or pack shadow onto the lid.
4 - Use the fluffy end to diffuse and blend out shadow