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Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9230/02

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Product Information

OptimalTEMP Technology
1) Soleplate temperature is maintained at all times, so you can't burn your fabrics.
2) High temperature and high pressure steam reaches deep into the fabric layers to loosen and smooth out deep creases in thick materials such as linen and pure cotton.

Approved by independent experts
This technology has been tested and approved by independent textile experts on the most delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, wool and polyester.

This iron promises to never burn your garments again, safely rest this iron flat down on the ironing board or clothing, rather than the heel rest, to reduce any risk of repetitive strain on your wrist.

Pressurised steam is technically measured in bars of pressure. The higher the bar pressure the more powerful the steam comes out of the soleplate to penetrate deeper into the fabric layers. This steam generator creates 5 bars of steam pressure, up to 120g per minute of continuous steam and a 240g steam boost ideal for getting through larger ironing loads in half the time.

Vertical Steam
The iron can be used vertically and the steam is powerful enough to be used to iron out creases from curtains or hanging clothes for example suit jackets or dresses that might need a refresh.

Maximum steam in two minutes
No more waiting for your iron to heat up, PerfectCare has a quick heat-up time and is ready to use in just 2 minutes, even the powerful steam. Turn it on, prepare your ironing area and get ready to go.

SteamGlide Soleplate
Philips SteamGlide soleplate is durable, scratch resistant and provides a superior glide on all fabrics for effortless ironing. The protective material on the plate makes it scratch-resistant so your iron can stay optimum for longer.

Easy de-calc process and calc clean reminder
Easy De-Calc, hassle-free and effective calc removal to extend the life of your steam generator. Open the Easy De-Calc outlet on the side of the steam generator base to remove any left over water. This process takes less than a minute of easy maintenance. The reminder light indicates when to carry out the de-calc process every 10 hours of use to extend the lifetime.

The 1.5 litre water tank gives over 2 ½ hours of ironing with fewer refills, perfect for larger ironing loads. This water tank is detachable so you can easily fill under the tap or empty into the sink.

Power efficient at 2400 watts, this steam generator uses the optimal amount of energy for the desired task.

Safety Auto Off
This iron shuts off automatically when left unattended after 2 minutes, when left flat on its soleplate or after 3 minutes when stood up on its heel rest.
Convenient Carry Lock
Now it's easier to carry your iron with no risk of the iron slipping off the base. The iron locks securely to the steam generator.

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