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Indesit Built-In Single Oven - FIM31KABK

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Product Information

Really easy to use. The Indesit FIM31KABK single oven is great if you’re a bit of a technophobe, as it is really straightforward to use. The oven is controlled using the left hand dial and the grill is accessed using the right hand dial, there are no complicated functions that you’ll never use. You’ve also got a simple dial timer (almost like an egg timer), that will buzz when the time is up. It’s much easier to set than a fiddly LED touch screen. There are 3 simple dials on the front. The one on the left controls the oven and the one on the right controls the grill. The middle one is a handy timer, which is great if you’re not up on technology, or if you just prefer something similar to your older model. There’s also fascia cooling. This blows cool air between the control panel and handle, so it won’t be too hot to touch. Inside you’ve got 56 litres of space, which is plenty when cooking for a couple or a small family. It’s great when preparing lots of the same thing, like a batch of cookies, as the fan heat means all shelves will be the same temperature. By circulating warm air throughout, you won’t get any cool spots inside. The grill function is really handy too. It’s variable, so you can adjust the temperature depending on what you’re cooking. Once you’ve finished cooking, you’ll love the enamel lining inside. This is a smooth coating that’s really easy to wipe down, so you won’t have to spend ages scrubbing the inside of the oven. You’ll save money on expensive cleaning sprays too. It’s really easy to install this model too – it comes with a 1 meter cable and a 13 amp plug. You can just plug it into a normal socket like your kettle or toaster.

  • (H)59.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)54.5

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