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Careers at Arnotts

Welcome to the Arnotts Careers page. Here you can browse through our vacancies in-store, read some interviews with our staff, get some information about what we offer, and hopefully gain some insight into what it’s like to be part of the great Arnotts Team.

About Arnotts

Arnotts has an illustrious past and an ambitious future. We have been serving customers from our Henry Street Store since 1843. Central to our longstanding tradition and success are our people. A career with Arnotts offers you a wide range of opportunities to develop your talents and realise your creativity. When you join Arnotts you become part of a team who are deeply committed to delivering on our company vision and mission.

Message from our Chairman Nigel

Nigel Blow, Chairman

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at the Arnotts careers site. If you are here then you must be considering a career with Arnotts.

On this site you will find all the information you require to help you, should you decide to apply for a vacant position within both the Arnotts and Boyers stores. Arnotts is an iconic brand with a valued history in Irish retailing and we are very proud of our status as Ireland’s oldest and largest department store. As retail enters a new and revolutionary age we are excited about what the future holds for Arnotts and are confident we have the potential to take the brand to even greater heights.

Should you become part of the Arnotts Team, regardless of the area you will be working in, you will become a key player in delivering on our corporate vision “To be Ireland’s leading shopping destination, in store and online, delivering the Arnotts experience that exceeds all expectations for the evolving life and style of our customers. “ You will be expected to live the Arnotts Values of Pride, Performance, Imagination, Decency, Togetherness and Agility. Our values are our basic beliefs and summarise what Arnotts stands for. These values guide our behaviour with customers, suppliers and colleagues; they influence the decisions we make, how we are perceived and how performance is managed.

A career in Arnotts will offer you the opportunity to use your skills, to be part of a dynamic team, to progress and to make a difference. I wish you every success in your application and look forward to meeting you if you are successful in becoming a member of the Arnotts team.

Our Team

Have a look at our Senior Team here at Arnotts

Nigel Blow

Ray Hernan
Chief Executive Officer

Claire Priestley
Finance Director

Deirdre Devaney
Womenswear and Beauty Buying Director

Valerie O’Neill
Menswear Buying Director

Ger Ryan
Home Buying Director

Leesa Kavanagh
Retail Director

Carmel Murphy
HR Director

John Flavin
Supply Chain Director

Damien Byrne
Head of Creative

Helen Duffy
Head of IT

Sarah Jane Lynch
Head of Online

Gillian Clarke
Head of Marketing

Giuseppe Ghidini
Head of Merchandising

Here at Arnotts we are certain that it’s the amazing customer service our employees provide that keeps our loyal customers coming back time and time again. We have been around for a long time and it is our people that have kept the tradition of Arnotts alive while at the same time adapting to an ever changing retail environment.

Have a read through a few stories from some of our great people here at Arnotts

Tony Hayes
Training & Development Manager

Click here to read Tony's story

Q: Tell us where you work in Arnotts and how long you have worked for the company.

I am the Training and Development Manager here in Arnotts and I work as part of the HR and Development Team. I have been working for Arnotts since June 2007.

Q: What’s a typical day like in your role?

There is no typical day and that’s why I love my role. From delivering Induction and register training one minuet to meeting with the CEO to discuss leadership development the next my days are varied and challenging

Q: What do you love about working in Arnotts?

The thing I love most about working in Arnotts is the great people I get to meet and work with every day, there is a great team here and while we work in a challenging and fast paced environment there is always time for personal interactions that make Arnotts a fun place to work.

Q: How would you describe the typical Arnotts team member?

A typical Arnotts team member is someone who enjoys interaction with people and working as part of a team, they have high standards and work hard to achieve these standards. Service is of paramount importance to them whether they work on the shop floor or any other part of the business.

Q: What’s your strongest / best memory of Arnotts?

Being from Cork I was aware of the Arnotts name but it never really had much significance to me. I had no real idea of what the brand represented. I have worked in retail all my life so understand the importance of great service. When I purchased my first home I came to Arnotts to purchase many of the items I needed and was astounded by the service I received and said to myself that this was a business I would be proud to work in. Little did I know that a few years later that thought would be a reality.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work for Arnotts?

I would say go for it! Arnotts is a great place to work and you will get back what you put in. If you are willing to put in the effort then Arnotts can offer you a challenging and rewarding career.

Q: What do you love about sales and service?

As a people person there is no better feeling than seeing a satisfied customer and knowing that you have been the person that has made the difference to them. For me when I worked on a retail shop floor this was always the case and I see that in my current role I still have customers and love and am proud when I have delivered great service to them.

Maeve Madigan
Customer Services Manager

Click here to read Maeve's Story

Q: Tell us where you work in Arnotts and how long you have worked for the company.

I am the Customer Service Manager and I am based at the Information Desk on the Ground floor. I have been working in Arnotts for almost three years and before that I worked in our sister store Boyers for four years.

Q: What’s a typical day like in your role?

Every day is completely different! The Customer Service Team deals with any issues customers may have and these change on a daily basis; no two customers are the same. We are on hand to direct and assist customers in whatever way we can to ensure they enjoy their shopping experience. Being able to think on our feet to find resolutions quickly is vital for delivering great customer service.

Q: What do you love about working in Arnotts?

I love that every day is different and every situation I encounter is unique so I am constantly learning and gaining experience. I love the team spirit and camaraderie amongst all staff throughout the store.

Q: How would you describe the typical Arnotts team member?

Friendly, helpful, efficient and competent and has great product knowledge and customer service.

Q: What’s your strongest / best memory of Arnotts?

Christmas time-when we are so busy and have so much to do but there is still such a great atmosphere in the store. Everyone pulls together to help each other and still gives each and every customer amazing service and assistance to ensure they get the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work for Arnotts?

If you like working as part of a team delivering excellent service and enjoy the challenges that customer service and retail bring then definitely apply!

Q: What do you love about sales and service?

I love assisting customers and making sure they are well looked after so they leave the store feeling happy with their shopping experience. When a customer leaves the store happy then our job has been done well.

Laura Reid
Sales Manager

Click here to read Laura's Story

Q: Tell us where you work in Arnotts and how long you have worked for the company.

I have worked in Arnotts for the last 18 months and my current role is as Ladies Fashions Sales Manager. In the Ladies Fashions Department there are approximately twenty-five new and established ‘own buy’ brands and over thirty Concessions. The Ladies Division also includes Childrenswear, Uniforms, Lingerie and the biggest Shoe Department in the country!

Q: What’s a typical day like in your role?

There is no typical day in my job role which is one of the aspects that I most enjoy about working in Arnotts. Each day brings new and interesting challenges and rewards. Although the majority of my day is spent driving outstanding sales and service in the Ladies Fashions Department, I also communicate daily with Concession teams, the Buying team, the VM team, the Graphics team and the other Departments within the Ladies Division.

Q: What do you love about working in Arnotts?

The aspect I love most about working in Arnotts is that I get to work alongside some of the most respected people in the industry from the exec team to the hugely experienced sales teams. I enjoy the privilege of being involved in a business where you are a valued member of a team that is working towards the same set of extraordinary goals. It’s the Arnotts atmosphere, the diversity of the job role and the way in which the store never fails to deliver a new and interesting challenge. I love working in an environment which is constantly evolving and never falters from keeping the Customer as the central focus.

Q: How would you describe the typical Arnotts team member?

I believe that the typical Arnotts team member is diverse and exceptional. They have a passion for retail and have excellent people skills. They enjoy working in a team of over 1,000 people and take pride in not only their own career achievements but also the accomplishments of their colleagues and the store. The typical Arnotts team member is excellent at their job role, is experienced in their trade and is welcoming and supportive to all team members.

Q: What’s your strongest / best memory of Arnotts?

My strongest memory of Arnotts is funnily enough not a work memory but a shopping memory! I re-introduced my family to Arnotts last Christmas for a day’s shopping. It was really incredible to see Arnotts from a fresh perspective, through their eyes, and to see them acknowledge how the store has developed into an amazing place to shop. It was heart-warming to see the welcome they received from the team members and their excitement at the fantastic selection of brands on offer in Arnotts.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work for Arnotts?

To anyone thinking about applying to Arnotts I would say ‘stop thinking and just apply’! Arnotts is a unique and incredible place to work. For me Arnotts represents the place where I wish to have a long, interesting and successful career, where I will be constantly challenged and developed and where I will be always proud to say that I work.

Q: What do you love about sales and service?

It’s the people, the challenge, the interaction with Customers, the development of the department, the reward of exceeding targets and expectations, the excitement of launching a new brand and the enjoyment of coaching team members to reach their full potential. All of the aspects involved in sales and service represent for me job satisfaction.

Helen Sweeney

Click here to read Helen's Story

Q: Tell us where you work in Arnotts and how long you have worked for the company.

I have been with the company for 3 years now and I am one of the Womenswear Buyers with key responsibility for Contemporary, Young Contemporary and Bridge Brands.

Q: What’s a typical day like in your role?

In the buying function there are rarely two days the same, depending very much whether it’s buying season or not. In buying season typically we spend a day out at buying appointments, reviewing business and building a plan with the brands for the next season/year ahead. Back at the office a typical day would begin with analysing the sales from the day before or the previous week, making relevant changes to the floor as the sales performance necessitates. We are also in constant communication with our suppliers, our Operations team, our Creative team, our Finance team etc. so we are always kept busy!

Q: What do you love about working in Arnotts?

The People! It’s all about the team working together to provide the best experience for our customers. I also love the diversity of the role and the level of autonomy I have to achieve the desired results.

Q: How would you describe the typical Arnotts team member?

He / she has a great level of Integrity. They are dedicated, determined and passionate in what they do. Honest and extremely willing.

Q: What’s your strongest / best memory of Arnotts?

On a personal level; buying a Christening robe for my little boy 5 years ago and being overwhelmed at the offer of product and the service from the staff. Roll on 2 years later I came to Arnotts as Childrenswear Buyer! On a professional level; so far my strongest memory of Arnotts is working with the Irish Designer Peter O’Brien to create a fashion collection for Arnotts - a real pleasure!

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work for Arnotts?

Go for it and enjoy a positive experience. We are a business which has experienced a huge amount of change over the last 3 years and the journey is set to continue. This will bring even more new challenges, new opportunities and new experiences.
Arnotts is a proactive business which doesn’t stand still, this is what makes it exciting to be part of it!

Clara Halpin
Personal Shopper

Click here to read Clara's Story

Q: Tell us where you work in Arnotts and how long you have worked for the company.

I have worked in Arnotts since 1990. My current role is head of personal shopping. Previous to my current role I have managed ladies fashion, accessories, lingerie, beauty childrens wear and customer service departments. My role as head of personal shopping encompasses all my previous experience.

Q: What’s a typical day like in your role?

While every day is different depending on my clients and their requirements, there is a structure that is important to follow to keep the department running smoothly. My first priority is to reply to all emails and calls from customers and to manage the diary and appointment times. Myself and my assistant discuss who we have booked in for the week and we brainstorm ideas on our new collections, key looks that we have put together and how we can continue to meet and exceed our customer expectations. We get to work on our appointments and support each other during the day, while always keeping ahead of deliveries etc. so we can communicate to our clients.

Q: What do you love about working in Arnotts?

For me Arnotts is a constant in the ever changing retail landscape of Dublin city; in particular over the last ten years with the onslaught and decline of the Celtic Tiger.
Arnotts is constantly changing, evolving, and improving and it’s wonderful to be part of that; part of a new history.

Q: How would you describe the typical Arnotts team member?

Smart in appearance, intelligent in approach, intuitive, Customer focused and fun!

Q: What’s your strongest / best memory of Arnotts?

There have been many great memories; however a recent one that’s sticks out in my head as I personally felt a huge sense of pride, was the opening of our new personal shopping rooms. It was great to think imaginatively about engaging and delighting our customers.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work for Arnotts?

If you have a passion for sales and service Arnotts is the best there is.
Be a leader making new tomorrows for the next generation of Arnotts customers.

Why Us?

As you commit your skills, talents and time to Arnotts we are committed to rewarding you with a competitive package of pay and benefits;

  • - Competitive rates of pay and salaries offered
  • - Flexible contracts
  • - Generous holiday allowances
  • - Learning & development
  • - Career Progression
  • - Staff canteen
  • - Staff discount throughout own buy and concession departments
  • - Business Dress Allowance
  • - Group pension scheme
  • - Group income protection scheme
  • - Social Club
  • - Bike to Work scheme
  • - Travel Tax Incentives
  • - The opportunity to achieve great results in a diverse environment

Hiring Process

There are a number of ways to apply for a vacancy here at Arnotts.

If we don’t have any vacancies that you are interested in, but would like to submit your CV to us in the hope that a suitable position might come up, please email your CV and cover letter to, be sure to tell us what area you are interested in working in.

If you wish to leave your CV in-store, you can leave it at the Information Desk, however we would encourage applicants to send their CV to us via email.

Our concession partners within the store complete their recruitment separately to the Arnotts HR Department. From time to time they may advertise on this website.

What to expect upon application

Upon submitting your CV to us online you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your application. We carefully go through each application and shortlist candidates based on their suitability for the positions we have. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted in order for an interview to be scheduled.

What to Expect Upon Interview

Interview Tips

It goes without saying that interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but here at Arnotts we believe that once you prepare properly, relax, and remember to be yourself, you need not worry.?As a general guideline, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your career to date and you will be asked some specific questions in order for you to showcase your skills. We would recommend that you also have some specific practical examples to evidence to skills you have. Having pre-prepared examples from your previous experience helps paint a picture of whether or not you might be capable of performing the role you are interviewing for.

If you are prepared, hopefully the conversation will flow naturally. Remember your interviewers aren’t there to catch you out, they will ask questions that are relevant to the role you are interviewing for; and the questions they ask are simply designed to allow them to identify who is best for the role. When answering questions be honest and open, give as much relevant detail as you can (but try not to steer away from the original question!).

If you have any questions for your interviewer, you will be given the opportunity to ask them before you wrap up. Through the course of the interview we will have spoken about the role itself and how the company operates, but should you have any further questions feel free to ask before the interview ends. Remember that the interview process is as much about finding out whether Arnotts is the right fit for you, as it is about us assessing if you are the right fit for us!

Before The Interview

Prior to the interview, don’t be afraid to ask us questions about the process should you have any. When scheduling your interview we will give you clear instruction on who will be interviewing you, where to come to, what time you should come, but should you have any more questions about the process feel free to ask. We would encourage all candidates to do a little research prior to meeting with us, regardless of the role they are applying for. It’s a good idea to have a thorough look at our website and to have a browse around the store before your interview. We very well may ask for your feedback on what you think of our store, our brands, our website etc! Its also a good idea to prepare answers to questions you think you may be asked, and to have examples ready of times when you were able to showcase a particular skill.

After the Interview

Once we have completed all interviews for a role, we will carefully consider all candidate applications. We endeavour to respond to all candidates following their interview to give them an update on their application. If there are further interviews, we will contact candidates to schedule this. When we are in a position to make an offer we will contact the candidate directly to give them the good news. For details on what the Arnotts Offer is click here.

The Ideal Candidate

If you join our team you will work with some of the most talented and inspired people in retail. Each role has a specific candidate profile so it’s hard to detail the characteristics of the ‘ideal’ candidate, given that we have so many roles in our business. But generally speaking we are always impressed when candidates demonstrate that they are:

  • - Service focused
  • - Passionate about retail
  • - Experts in their field
  • - Excited about the Arnotts brand, our store and our work
  • - Flexible and adaptable in a fast paced environment
  • - Imaginative and creative
  • - Team orientated to fulfil the needs of our customers, suppliers and retail partners
  • - Respectful, honest and show integrity at all times
  • - Motivated to contribute to the success of our business

If you have an engaging personality and a positive attitude and can also show us the above characteristics throughout the interview, you are on the right track!



Job Title Ladies Contemporary Sales Manager
Job Overview

This in an amazing opportunity for an experienced Sales Manager who has had relevant luxury brand experience, to join our team and take responsibility for the operation of a busy and thriving department.

Job Title Brand Manager BEDECK (Full-time Permanent)
Job Overview

Since Bedeck was born in 1951 we have established a reputation for offering high quality bed linen. From the very beginning our commitment was to creativity, a tradition which continues to be reflected in our bedding products today. We are looking for a sales driven Brand Manager who ideally has experience in luxury home brands.

Job Title Personal Shopper (Fixed-term Contract)
Job Overview

Arnotts is the oldest and largest department store in Ireland and offers our diverse client base an extensive range of contemporary Irish and International brands. We have an exciting opportunity for a driven, professional and passionate stylist to join our Personal Shopping Team in Arnotts.

Job Title Brand Manager for Fenn Wright Manson and Damsel in a Dress (Full-time Permanent)
Job Overview

Are you driven, energetic and passionate about selling fashion? Arnotts is delighted to offer one candidate the role of Brand Manager for Fenn Wright Manson and Damsel in a Dress. The successful candidate must be passionate about working with luxury fashion brands and offering our Customers bespoke designs to suit any occasion.

Job Title Online Content Editor
Job Overview

We are looking for an Online Content Editor to provide accurate product information and data to allow customers to search and browse effectively, in order to make an informed buying decision.

Job Title Sales Associates (Ladieswear)
Job Overview

We are looking for a flexible, passionate, enthusiastic person to join our Ladieswear Division team.

Job Title FURLA Brand Manager (Full-time Permanent)
Job Overview

FURLA is an Italian company with a strong international presence. A key player in the global leather goods and accessories market, the brand’s design philosophy considers innovative manufacturing techniques while remaining loyal to traditional Italian methods of art and design. A style that is contemporary and elegant, the line is versatile, functional, and timeless. The ideal candidate will have luxury brand experience preferably in the Accessories market.

Job Title Fashions/Children’s Sales Manager
Job Overview

This in an amazing opportunity for an experienced Sales Manager who has had relevant luxury brand experience, to join our team and take responsibility for the operation of a busy and thriving department.



Job Title Supervisor at BJ Fitzpatrick
Job Overview

Job Title BJ Fitzpatrick Assistant Manager
Job Overview

Job Title Kipling Sales Assistant (20 hours per week)
Job Overview

Trendy, practical and informal, Kipling bags are part of everyday life for more than 35 million women in 67 countries throughout the world. We are looking for a part time Sales Assistant to be able to deliver exceptional customer service and communicate our brands key values, whilst promoting the benefits of our products to customers.

Job Title Gap Visual Supervisor
Job Overview

We are looking for a Visual Supervisor to join our GAP Concession.

Job Title Austin Reed (20 hour fully-flexible)
Job Overview

From humble beginnings in the City of London, over a century later, Austin Reed has grown and evolved into one of the leading tailors of men's formal and casual wear. Blending traditional values with contemporary style, Austin Reed is now a global brand delivering superior quality to customers. If you believe you have the skills and experience to join us, please take a look at the exciting role we have to offer.

Job Title L.K.Bennett Sales Assistant (22.5h flexible contract)
Job Overview

L.K.Bennett is a British accessible luxury brand and shoe specialist that reflects its unmistakable heritage; a modern blend of femininity, colour and style. Its collections of shoes, ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories, appeal to women who want a wardrobe perfect for any occasion. If you are a service driven sales associate with experience in luxury fashion this role may be for you.

Job Title Assistant Business Manager
Job Overview

We are looking for an experienced Business Manager to provide leadership and direction to the Clinique Concession.

Job Title Reiss Mens Sales Advisor
Job Overview

We are looking for a Retail Advisor to provide leadership and direction to the Reiss Sales Concession.

Job Title Reiss Concession Manager
Job Overview

We are looking for a Concession Manager to provide leadership and direction to the Reiss Sales Concession.

Job Title Hobbs Sales Assistant
Job Overview

Hobbs are looking for an experienced Sales Assistant with excellent customer service skills to provide customer service