Your Home Cinema Experience

Whether you're aiming to transform your living room in to a home cinema or simply looking for an additional TV for the bedroom, our TV guide will ensure you have all the information you need to make your purchase.

Cinema Style TV

Cinema Style

Transform your living room in to a Cinema with the Panasonic 65"" 4K Ultra HD Flat OLED Smart TV. Featuring Bluetooth Audio link allowing you to connect your TV to other devices as well as Hollywood tested screen quality this TV is fit for a star!

To further enhance your screening experience why not turn up the volume with a Sonos beam smart sound bar with Amazon. This incredible sound bar not only improves the audio quality of your TV experience it also has Bluetooth and Alexa which means you can listen to your favourite music and podcasts from one device.

4k TV magic

4K Magic

The LG Nano Cell TVs are our best LED 4K TVs. They deliver incredible picture quality to your living room – no matter where you sit. Tiny pixels are packed together tightly, filtering out dull shades and creating bright and vivid colour from any angle. Movies and boxsets in 4K HDR look incredible on Nano Cell televisions – benefiting from the high dynamic range palette of more than one billion colours, and the added depth and detail of 4K resolution. Fast-paced next-gen games and live sport remain smooth as well, thanks to the powerful picture processing in Nano Cell TVs. Experience adrenaline-fuelled action on the racetrack with zero motion blur.

Smart TV

It's Smarter than you think:

Pick a TV with everything you want built in. Smart TVs have popular downloadable apps such as “Netflix” and your favourite TV stations which means you can watch your favourite shows at a time that suits you-Hassle Free!