Let's Get Creative!

For rainy days at home or for school holidays, kids love nothing more than to spend time getting creative!

Our Top Tips to Keep Them Creative

Whether they're into painting, felt tips, colouring pencils or glitter pens, their imagination will be set alight with everything that Djeco has to offer at Arnotts. Keep young creative minds happy with endless ideas and possibilities creating beautiful birthday cards, exciting treasure trails and masterpieces to pass the time with vibrant materials and create hours of fun! Need an idea for a rainy day at home? Why not ask one child in the family to create a treasure map with colouring pencils and glitter pens and get the whole family can get involved in finding the elusive secret treasure hidden around the house? Why not encourage them to make beautiful cards for grandparents and loved ones for birthdays, celebrations or simply just to say thank you? Children will love any opportunity to show off their best work and their creativity. If you do not have any colouring books at home, no problem! Search for colouring pages online and you find ample different colouring pages to print off and use instead. On long, boring car journeys or holiday trips, ask them to draw what they see around them perhaps. When using creative materials with small children, always make sure that they are suitable for the age group using them. Always ensure that they are child safe to use and if they are washable, this is a bonus for little, messy hands!