Welcoming Munthe

Luxury Scandi brand Munthe has just arrived online at Arnotts!

Representing the loo of the cool and carefree Scandinavian girl, Munthe is a luxury label featuring styles that are strong but feminine, fabrics that are innovative and artistic, hand-painted prints. We caught up with the brand to get the lowdown.

1. When was Munthe Created?

I founded MUNTHE in 1994 in my hometown Copenhagen, Denmark, where our head office is based.

CEO of Fabienne Chapot

2. Can you tell us about the history and background of your brand?

My vision was to create a brand that never loses its relevance. MUNTHE’s collections offer a broad range – from out-there designs to stunning, useful wardrobe styles that can be transferred from look to look. Our main goal with MUNTHE is to inspire women. Simple. Our internal catchphrase is "for women, by women". We aim to create clothing that urges the constant development of personal style. I do not only chase trends, instead I design instinctually to capture the Scandinavian style that women here have always embraced. As it turns out, you cannot really explain Danish culture without design; its effects are everywhere, from city planning to interior design to fashion.

Fabienne Chapot Accessory Brand FAB

3. What are the inspirations behind the latest collection?

The Spring Summer 21 collection, Sailor Tailor, is a flawless, playful and nostalgic take on the fashion of the seafaring - inspired by traditional interpretations of the seaworthy look; wavy stripes, fisherman knits, sailor collars - but also an era when people dressed up to travel. Influenced by the sailing scene and the cultures that merge there. 

  This season is also all about contrasts: male versus female, classic grace against atypical attraction, smooth versus sophisticated. A modern woman’s style is more versatile than ever - allowing us to combine elegance and structure all within the same outfit. This collection can be effortlessly styled together in numerous easy combinations. Well-fitted tailoring and tops and dresses paired with the raw honesty of leather. The combinations of basics, classic tailoring and feminine shapes are the very embodiment of this Spring Summer 21 Collection.

Fabienne Chapot Accessory Brand FAB

4. What is your brand most looking forward to in 2021?

Being able to meet people in person again! This applies both on a personal level and on behalf of my brand, as I would like to offer people the uniquely tactile experience of a collection again. Feeling the fabrics, diving into all the details. There’s simply no replacing that.

  In addition to that we look forward to continuing our dedicated CSR journey focusing on sustainability and gender equality – two subjects near and dear to my heart and an inherent part of MUNTHE’s DNA. We look forward to further develop our CSR strategy and launch new exiting projects and initiatives.