Jojoba Oil

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What does it do?

In a world of overwhelming oil options, jojoba stands apart from the crowd. It conditions and seals in moisture while being light and non-greasy. If you're dealing with inflammatory skin conditions, it's a star ingredient to ease redness and calm skin. New breakouts can be a worry with oils but you can rest easy as jojoba won't clog up your pores.

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Where does it come from?

The jojoba (or chinensis) plant is a small shrub grown in Arizona, California, and Mexico. While we call the substance from its seeds jojoba oil, it's actually a wax ester! It's very similar to the sebum in our skin, making it a close match to your skin's own natural oils.

Who should use it?

Jojoba is a good option for all skin types. Anyone with dry, acne-prone, or inflamed skin can see results by adding it to their repertoire.

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