Coconut Oil

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What does it do?

Coconut oil can work wonders in skincare. The lauric acid in it effectively kills bacteria, reducing inflammation to ensure skin looks and feels healthy. Meanwhile, linoleic acid locks in moisture and makes it a great skin soother. Use coconut oil as a makeup remover, for extra exfoliation, and as a moisturiser to combat stubborn dryness.

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Where does it come from?

The oil from coconut fruit is a versatile ingredient. Generally rich in nutrients, it's the two acids in coconut oil that make it a super ingredient for skincare: lauric acid and linoleic acid. These acids work to remove bacteria, reduce inflammation, and deeply moisturise.

Who should use it?

Coconut oil is a gentle ingredient, ideal to use on dry or irritated skin. Unless you're prone to breakouts, it's likely to be a good match. Organic, raw coconut oil is best for very sensitive skin.

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