Escentric Molecules

Molecule has just launched online, plus our pop-up is now open in-store. We decode this ground-breaking fragrance line.

Escentric Molecules is the brainchild of expert perfumer, Geza Schoen. It celebrates the art of perfumery in a unique and radically-minimalist manner.

Each fragrance is presented in a binary pair, to explore and represent one aroma molecule in two different ways:

1. Escentric
The Escentric fragrance highlights the unique character of the aroma-molecule with ingredients chosen to bring out its key facets.

2. Molecule
The Molecule fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, pure and singular.

The Fragrances

Iso E Super

Escentric Molecules 01 celebrates the hyper-abstraction of Iso E Super in two different fragrances. Iso E Super is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an aura of fragrance around the wearer.

Containing lime peel, green jasmine bud, orris, balsamic notes and fresh musk, Escentric 01 is unconventional and unlike other perfumes.

Molecule 01 consists purely of the Iso E Super molecule, and is characterised by a hyper-modern cedarwood note which is alluring, comforting, and cocooning.


Escentric Molecules 02 celebrates the fresh and sensual resonance of nature-identical Ambroxan – a molecule with a subtle sensual quality, and a radiant and long-lasting effect.

Escentric 02 offers super-longlasting freshness together with a subtle sensuality. The formula also contains green jasmine bud, a ‘gin and tonic’ accord and a hint of Austrian lemonade.

Molecule 02 is made up entirely of the pure and singular Ambroxan molecule – a nature-identical equivalent of the sperm whale-derived ambergris, the most prized ingredient in perfumery for centuries!

Vetiveryl Acetate

Escentric Molecules 03 celebrates Vetiveryl Acetate, a hybrid of natural root + synthetic. Distilled from the roots of an Indian grass, the extract is then crossed with acetic acid to remove the bitterness.

Escentric 03 pays tribute to three popular roots in perfumery – vetiver, ginger and orris. Ginger dominates the top root, along with lime peel and green peppercorn; the heart note is rich, velvery orris with notes of jasmine and Egyptian tea, while the drydown incorporates the woodiness of vetiver, with sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Molecule 03 is elegant and refined with a wood, grassy fragrance and a more pronounced bitter-fresh top note.


Escentric Molecules 04 celebrates the futuristic freshness of Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule.

The formula of Escentric 04 highlights the grapefruits accents in the molecule. The top notes fizz with crisp, bitter pink grapefruit peel and zesty lime, while juniper and pink pepper add an extra touch of freshness. The heart notes are of orris and a fresh soft rose; and the drydown is balsamic and woody.

The pure and singular Javanol of Molecule 04 is sheet and transparent like no natural sandalwood molecule. The fragrance is almost psychedelically fresh, with aromas of grapefruit peel and velvety rose.